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links below to digitally formatted books of 35mm film & polaroid photos that i have taken over the years. taken while out of, as well as in the studio. i enjoy taking different styles of film photography just to see the outcome. the look of a film photo always brings me joy. it's purely for the hobby but its another way of keeping the creative process going for me. sometimes the next idea stems from something encountered outside & sometimes i unknowingly document it on film.

most of these books were compiled around the time painting started to become more serious for me. the photos most likely were taken years before that as well as the year of. while i've continued to take photos & still do, i have not made another book of them in some time.

all my blues are concrete - 2018

evif5htfif - 2014

clamshell - 2013

forgotten - 2013

darlin', open your eyes - 2013

35color - 2013

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