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Kyle's work fetishizes American iconography. Cars are human, cowboys are boring, and screaming cheetahs are beautiful. Kyle believes painting is a way to purge anxiety and binge self-worth. Shipping pallets and found objects act as canvas stretchers, they’re integral to Kyle's paintings — they operate as dilapidated structures to reflect his ideas about establishment discord, and crashing cultural norms.


Kyle Orlando lives and works in Jersey City, New Jersey. He is a self-taught artist who works primarily in painting and drawing. His most recent works are combines of found objects, canvas, and discarded wooden pallets. In the past, Orlando’s visual language has fluctuated between images of screaming cheetahs; car wrecks; and cowboys. Currently his paintings and drawings mash-up, and intertwine those symbols to create singular works. Orlando’s works feed on personal feelings of anxiety attributed to notions of exclusivity i.e. being on the “outside,” and wondering what it would be like on the “inside.” His works can be seen as some sort of personal catharsis, but his hope is that viewers will garner their own interpretations. This past September Orlando had his first solo show titled ‘Always Nervous’ at Deep Space Gallery in Jersey City, NJ.

Kyle Orlando has worked and exhibited, both current and in the past, with Deep Space Gallery (Jersey City, NJ), Sabroso Projects (New York/Puerto Rico), Belhaus (Phoenix, AZ / Venice, CA), The Art Kollective (New York), and FNG-ART (Asia). Kyle was accepted to, and attended the Vermont Studio Residency in 2020.



Kyle Orlando

b. 1989 New Jersey

based in Jersey City, NJ


2020 'Always Nervous', Deep Space Gallery (September), Jersey City, NJ

2020 'More Lexapro, Please', Artist's own backyard during quarantine, physically hung, digitally displayed, Jersey City, NJ

2018 'Brand New Used Cars', a solo showing for the month of February, presented by Bottom Of The Barrel Art, Feb/March Alementary Brewing Co, Hackensack, NJ



2020/21 'The Gigantic Miniature Show', Deep Space Gallery (Dec/Jan), Jersey City, NJ

2019/20 'Subworld Rising' ('you, me and all that stuff we're so scared of'), exploring installations by multiple artists hosted by Mana Contemporary, curated by Mariana Smith, (Nov-Jan.), Mana Contemporary / Mana BSMT, Jersey City, NJ


2019 'BSMT CROP' ('with a sawed-off .410 on my lap'), a group showing of select BSMT artists hosted by Mana Contemporary (Sept.-Oct.), Mana Contemporary / Mana BSMT, Jersey City, NJ


2019 'Nine Lives', an online-based group show hosted on Artsy presented by Deep Space Gallery (spring/summer), / Deep Space Gallery, Jersey City, NJ

2019 Mana Contemporary Open House (spring), a group artist exhibition within the Mana Decentralized Gallery, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ

2017 'Still Out Here', a group artist exhibition (summer), Index Art Center, Newark, NJ


2015 'Red Dot Thursdays', a bi-weekly group exhibition of art and performance presented by Seed Gallery, curated by Gizem Bacaz and Andrew Grimes, Newark, NJ


2014 'Red Dot Thursdays', a weekly group exhibition of art and performance presented by Seed Gallery, curated by Gizem Bacaz and Andrew Grimes, Newark, NJ





The Vermont Studio Center, Johnson VT, March 2020




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